03-20-2020 (11:24 am)

Due to the COVID-19 crisis all activities at the church have been suspended. This includes all Sunday services as well as Bible studies and prayer groups. We are developing ways to stay in connection with each other during this challenging time. Some things you can do to help is to call your friends and neighbors, especially the elderly or those who are home bound. I have been sending out emails regularly so if you want to receive those call me at 815-997-0629 to get yourself added.

Some things we would like to start is a nurturing committee who is responsible for calling our parishioners regularly and a card ministry. If you would like to participate in this either call me at 815-997-0629 or email me. For the time being you may use sschwirblat@hotmail.com but I will be creating a special account for church work. When that ready I will be posting the address.

We have also established social media sites. Bethany Shuman has created an Orangeville United Methodist Church page on her Facebook site. I will creating a new Facebook page for myself under Pastor Siegfried. I have created this web page and there is also a Twitter account OrangevilleUMC. We will also have a You Tube available. I am looking at ways to hold on-line services. As things continue to develop we will continue to keep you informed. If any one out there is tech savvy or would like to learn we could use the extra help, so contact me, the office, or Theresa Shuman.

God has our back so do not despair we will get through this. God bless all of you and we will see each other soon.

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